1960s studio pottery

Ref No: 16223

Black vase, studio pottery

Ref No: 16218

Fossil in resin

Ref No: 16217

Ceramic sculpture signed by the artist

Ref No: 16168

1970s Italian sculpture

Ref No: 16219

1970s wading bird sculpture

Ref No: 16220

1970s decorative vase

Ref No: 16222

1950s Italian Parchment Ice Bucket by Aldo Tura

Ref No: 16226

1950s Italian Set of Four Relief Panels

Ref No: 15919

framed abstract oil painting, signed by the artist, 1967

Ref No: 16188

1970s small decorative sculpture

Ref No: 16207

1960s French tapestry

Ref No: 16173

1960s French tapestry signed Grekoff

Ref No: 16174

1970s Italian wall sculpture

Ref No: 16148

1960s Italian abstract sculpture

Ref No: 16149

1970s wall sculpture

Ref No: 14844

1970s Italian brass owl sculpture

Ref No: 16137

1950s Italian ceramic door handles attributed to Rolando Hettner

Ref No: 15805

1970s Italian brass owl sculpture

Ref No: 16138

1950s Italian doorhandles

Ref No: 14873

1960s Handwoven Tapestry by Jean Claude Duprez

Ref No: 16079

1950s US Ceramic Vase

Ref No: 16102

Set of 3 Italian Bronze Dogs

Ref No: 16086

1970s English vase

Ref No: 16018