1970s Ceramic Lion

Ref No: 16024

Set of eight hand blown 1930s Italian glasses

Ref No: 16006

1950s Ceramic Vase

Ref No: 16005

Pair of 1970s Italian ceramic vases

Ref No: 16003

Box with handle

Ref No: 16022

1970s English vase

Ref No: 16018

Wooden bowl

Ref No: 16016

Pair of French brass candlesticks

Ref No: 16014

1950s Italian enamel dish

Ref No: 15931

Ceramic dish attributed to Italian artist Laura Fiume

Ref No: 15972

1960s Italian rattan hat rack

Ref No: 16015

1960s Italian Ceramic Vase

Ref No: 16017

1950s Italian ceramic

Ref No: 15786

1950s Italian copper plated panels

Ref No: 15919

1960s Italian sculpture

Ref No: 15911

1950s Italian Painting

Ref No: 15762

1950s Italian painting

Ref No: 15937

1950s Italian ceramic planter

Ref No: 15943

1950s Italian Bronze

Ref No: 15757

1950s Italian ceramic

Ref No: 15942

1950s Italian glass dish

Ref No: 15920

1950s pair of vases

Ref No: 15874

1960s Italian ceramic

Ref No: 15849

1960s Italian ceramic

Ref No: 15907