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1960s Cabinet

Ref No: 14438

1960s French brass sculpture

Ref No: 13480

1950s Venini Chandelier

Ref No: 14183

Pair 1940s Italian Bedside Tables

Ref No: 14832

Pair of 1970s Italian Lamps Designed By Carla Venosta

Ref No: 14022

Pair of 1970s Italian Walnut Chest Of Drawers

Ref No: 14016

1960s Italian Extending Wall Light

Ref No: 14236

Pair of 1950s Italian mirrors

Ref No: 14976

1950s Italian Mirror

Ref No: 14222

1960s Italian Table Lamp

Ref No: 14678

1960s Italian Chest of Drawers

Ref No: 14871

1970s Italian secretaire

Ref No: 13949

1950s Italian chanelier attributed to Barrovier

Ref No: 13535

1960s Italian Chandelier

Ref No: 14173

1950s Italian Mirror

Ref No: 14693

1920s French Mirror

Ref No: 14565

1950s Italian Mirror

Ref No: 14636

1950s Italian mirror

Ref No: 13891

1950s Italian light fitting

Ref No: 13531

1950s Italian chandelier attributed to Stil Novo

Ref No: 13616

1960s Italian door handles

Ref No: 14872

Treble clef coat stand attrb. Roger Feraud

Ref No: 14878

1950s Italian Mirror

Ref No: 14629

1950s Italian bookcase

Ref No: 13328a