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Fiona Makes – Ivy Chair

1950s Italian Rattan mirror

Ref No: 15000

Pair of 1970s Italian tables

Ref No: 14517

1950s Ceramic Vase

Ref No: 14703

Pair of 1950s Italian chairs

Ref No: 14151

Hugo Drinks Cabinet

1960s Italian sideboard

Ref No: 14967

1950s Italian doorhandles

Ref No: 14873

1960s Italian wall light

Ref No: 14132

1950s Italian mirror

Ref No: 15518

1950s Italian Mirror

Ref No: 14973

Fiona Makes – Amari Stool

1960s Italian Floor Lamp

Ref No: 13938

Fiona Makes – Carla Chest of Drawers

Carla Chest of Drawers

Pair of 1950s Italian mirrors

Ref No: 15516

Pair of 1960s Italian Chairs

Ref No: 14534

1960s Italian Console

Ref No: 14906

Ruby Chair

1950s Italian Mirror

Ref No: 14759

1940s Italian mirror

Ref No: 14091

1960s Italian ceiling light

Ref No: 15525

1950s Italian Drinks Set

Ref No: 14901

1960s Italian floor lamp

Ref No: 14861