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1960s French tapestry

Ref No: 16173

1960s French tapestry signed Grekoff

Ref No: 16174

Pair Italian armchairs attributed to Oswaldo Borsani

Ref No: 16178

1940s Italian mirror

Ref No: 14091

1950s Italian mirror

Ref No: 16185

1960s bamboo framed mirror

Ref No: 16171

1960s British sideboard

Ref No: 15982

Pair 1950s Italian wall lights

Ref No: 16153

1970s Italian wall sculpture

Ref No: 16148

1960s Italian abstract sculpture

Ref No: 16149

Ceramic sculpture signed by the artist

Ref No: 16168

framed abstract oil painting, signed by the artist, 1967

Ref No: 16188

1970s wall sculpture

Ref No: 14844

1960s rattan bar / side table

Ref No: 16154

1950s Italian chair

Ref No: 16134

Pair 1970s Italian lamps

Ref No: 16166

Pair 1970s US teak lamps

Ref No: 16159

1970s US rosewood and brushed nickel lamps

Ref No: 16158

1960s US cork and teak lamps

Ref No: 16157

Pair 1940s Oak and Ceramic wall lights

Ref No: 16167

1970s Italian ceramic lamp

Ref No: 16132

1950s Italian mirror with bevelled edge

Ref No: 16170

1950s Italian bamboo frame mirror

Ref No: 16146

1950s Italian Set of Four Relief Panels

Ref No: 15919